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Having received its charter in 1347, the Bruges Kontor regularly issued and adopted new regulations or had new rules determined by the Hanseatic Diets. These are some of those rules from a Diet in 1470.

SOURCE: “The 'Renewed' Diet of Lubeck, in 1470 the Bruges Mart.” In d'Hanens, Albert, ed. Europe of the North Sea and the Baltic: The World of the Hanse. Antwerp: Fonds Mercator, 1984. p. 181.
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Page 181

46.   No Hanseatic, burgher or resident, no non-Hanseatic, whoever he may be, may bring in any roll of cloth manufactured in Flanders, Brabant or Holland, which has not been bought at or passed through the Mart of Bruges, Antwerp or Berg-op-Zoom at the the fair which is held on St. Martin's Day.
51.   As regards other goods to be brought to the Mart, the following has been decided upon: all Mart products, i.e. wax, furs, copper, zinc, goat skins and other sorts of skins, wool, fish oil, osmund iron and any king or iron, wead, linen, vitriol, high boots, linen cloth and all kinds of other Mart products wherever they come from, with the exception of perishable fodstuffs (ventegud), viz. beer, grain, pitch, resin, beams and planks, shall be brought tot he Bruges Mart, the two fairs in Antwerp and on St. Martin's Day in Berg-op-Zoom, as is stimulated in the preceding Article. And if the said Mart products remain unsold at the Antwerp or Berg fairs, they shall be brough to the Bruges Mart.
52.   Furthermore, all merchants from Eastern towns, from Lubeck, Rostock, Stralsund, Wismar, the Pomeranian towns, Danzig, Koenigsberg and other Prussian towns, Riga, Reval, Pernau and other Livonian towns and all other Hanseatic towns, anyone, whether a member of the Hanse, or not, who wishes to export [to the Low Countries] these Mart products by the Sund or the Belt, shall swear or certify before the court with a surety, that he will bring such products to the Bruges Mart or to the Antwerp or Berg fairs, as is laid down.