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In declaration, three key Hanseatic cities agree to outlaw piracy and punish those who abet it.

SOURCE: “Lübeck, Rostock, and Wismar Proscribe Pirates.” In Thatcher, Oliver & Edgar McNeal, eds. A Source Book for Medieval History. New York & Chicago: Charles Schribner’s Sons, 1905. pp. 610-611.

Page 610 Page 611

      To all the faithful subjects of Christ.... The communes of Lübeck, Rostock, and Wismar.... Since most

merchants are not protected on the sea from pirates and robbers, we have, in a common council, decreed, and by this writing declare, that all who rob merchants in churches, in cemetaries, or on the water or on the land, shall be outlawed and proscribed by all cities and merchants. No matter where these robbers go with their booty, whatever city or land receives them shall be held equally guilty with them and proscribed by all the cities and merchants....