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In this short letter, the leadership in Novgorod sought the services of a skilled craftsman from the German town of Riga in Livonia.

SOURCE: A Letter from Novgorod to Riga. In Vernadsky, George, ed. A Source Book for Russian History From Early Times to 1917,vol. 1, Early Times to the Late Seventeenth Century. New Haven and London: Yale U. Press, 1972. p. 76.
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Page 76

The blessing of His Grace the prelate of Novgorod the Great and Pskov, Archbishop Efimii, to the posadniki of Riga and to the magistrates, and to the good people. I have sent to you my servitor Petr, in order [to procure] a master of the bell-making craft; and you, our neighbors, posadniki, and magistrates, and all the good people, send a good master of the bell-making craft to us, for our sake, and thereby extend to us your friendship. And when your answer reaches us, we will gladly extend to you our friendship in return and perform a favor for you. And we will give the master whatever remuneration you give him for his work.