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Hanseatic merchants formed joint enterprises for the purpose of trade. This is a sample charter for such an organization, founded in Lübeck in 1485 for the purpose of trading in Norway.

SOURCE: John Gade. The Hanseatic Control of Norwegian Commerce During the Late Middle Ages. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1951. p. 58.
Included here under fair use regulations.

Page 58

Hans Konyngk and Clawes Tomassen herewith make it public before themselves and their heirs that they have organized a company towards which they have each contributed 330 Lübeck marks, and Clawes Tomassen has in addition contributed 2,834 marks which he and his heirs... agree cannot again be lent by the contracting parties. All this is stated without malice. Witnesses are the esteemed Olrich Eylers and Herman van Mynden, citizens of Lübeck and Hinrich Konyng.